Carpet Stain Remover Tukwila


While spills are inevitable for both residential and commercial owners, they do not have to be permanent!

We offer the best carpet stain remover in Tukwila to keep it looking its finest between our regularly- scheduled visits.

Our trained and certified technicians are skilled in removing difficult stains that many other companies will not attempt, such as:

  • Grass
  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Difficult foods – ketchup, jelly/jam preserves, chocolate
  • Sodas, Kool-Aid and tomato juice
  • Blood
  • Pet urine and feces
  • Heavy dirt, soil or mud
  • Ink
  • …and more

To avoid the potential of permanence, we highly recommend a call to our office as quickly as possible because the level of difficulty increases with time.

Call Accel Carpet Cleaning and let the experts restore your pride with a clean and beautiful carpet!

Carpet Spot Cleaner Tukwila


Spills happen in both residential and commercial facilities!

We are skilled in the use of eco-safe carpet spot cleaner in Tukwila with solutions that penetrate deep into the fibers, leaving it clean and healthy for your family, pets, employees or business guests.

While some agents are extremely acidic or alkaline and can adversely affect fibers and dyes, our products have proven long-term performance.

Our objective is:

  • Effective removal without adversely affecting appearance
  • To use eco-friendly solutions that do not damage the environment
  • To employ techniques and products that are safe for specific fibers
  • To avoid contributing to residue on pile yarn that may result in color change

We encourage you to call immediately to have our experts remove stains caused by any type of substance.

Tukwila Cleaning Carpet Stains


One of our unique specialties is Tukwila cleaning carpet stains for homes and businesses.

Certainly, there are household chemicals frequently used, but many products and methods fall short of expectations, and some may even exacerbate the initial problem.

To achieve optimal results, these are reasons to choose us:

  • Our products, methods, tools and techniques are tested and proven
  • We use the best and safest solutions and products
  • Our technicians are trained and certified
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • World-class customer service
  • Competitive prices
  • Consistent uncompromising quality and performance
  • Our honesty, integrity and ethics

We know and value the importance of spotless and attractive carpets and the role they play in building positive first impressions. Our professional teams of friendly technicians are competent in all aspects of carpet cleaning and care.

Call Accel Carpet Cleaning to protect your investment and to maintain a healthy, safe home or business environment! 206-947-1928