Carpet Cleaning Auburn


While frequent vacuuming and spot removal play an important role in maintaining appearance, through normal wear, high traffic, spills and pets, your carpets will become soiled and dull.

When that happens, we know what you need and we can accomplish it!

We are an IICRC certified carpet cleaning company providing benefits to residential and commercial owners such as:

  • Prolonging the life of your floor covering investment
  • Enhancing the appearance and atmosphere
  • Protecting indoor quality and healthy environment
  • Helping to maintain your warranty

In using advanced technologies, equipment, tools and green carpet cleaning solutions, we can remove ground-in soil and dirt from heavily-trafficked areas while also protecting the dyes, fibers and performance.

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Carpet Cleaning Services Auburn


Based on studies, it is a well-known fact that carpets entrap dirt, dust and harmful allergens.

We provide commercial and home carpet cleaning services in Auburn to protect your investment by removing entrapped dirt and soil to reduce the effects of premature wear.

In meeting the standards for IICRC certification as well as our strict requirements, we focus on:

  • Providing the highest level of overall cleaning effectiveness
  • Use of solutions that do not attract dirt at a quicker rate
  • Ensuring that dyes and fibers are not adversely affected
  • Leaving minimal change to carpet pile after repeated treatments
  • Effective removal of stains and soil without adverse effect on performance
  • Protecting the environment

Our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, products, solutions and techniques to effectively remove ground-in soil from even the most heavily trafficked areas while also protecting the fibers, dyes and performance of both natural and synthetic floor coverings.

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Auburn Professional Carpet Cleaning


While there are a variety of methods that may be used, we have the expertise to provide overall superior Auburn professional carpet cleaning services for homes and commercial facilities.

We can help ease the burden of continual maintenance to create an eco-safe and clean environment using our high-performance equipment, tools, products, skills and techniques to protect your capital investment.

With our experience in all types of carpet construction and fiber types, we have the ability to:

  • Remove entrapped dirt, dust, pollutants and harmful allergens
  • Reduce the potential for premature wear including high-traffic areas
  • Restore natural texture and appearance
  • Remove deep stains and difficult spots
  • Remove tough odors from fibers without the use of harsh chemicals

We can come to your home or place of business to assess your needs and provide a free no-obligation quotation.

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